Feel free to submit the Enrollment Form to join the wait-list but do not submit Enrollment Fee until a spot opens up for you.
  • Please submit your online Enrollment Form and your Enrollment Fee (link below).  We will send a full enrollment form out as we get closer to the Fall semester.
  • Please obtain a current copy of the child's immunization records and return with completed registration forms and enrollment fee.
  • To place your child on the waiting list, please return your registration forms, enrollment fee and current immunization records to the church office and when space is made available, we will contact you.
  • Children must be 3 years of age by AUGUST 1 and fully potty trained. No pull-ups or diapers are permitted.


FSBC Academy is an educational program that offers hands on learning through structured and unstructured centers. We offer materials that encourage children to positively play together and to participate in daily enrichment activities. We encourage self-expression, positive self-image, independence, and acceptance--all in a fun and loving Christian atmosphere.  
We utilize an independent curriculum that we have gathered from many different sources that are age and developmentally appropriate for each child. This curriculum is designed to help children develop in all facets of his/her life: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  

Weekly Schedule & Important Dates

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:30am-2:00pm for ages 3 years -Kindergarten.
Classes begin in September (the first Tuesday after Labor Day) and go through the second week of May.
FSBC Preschool follows Bryant Schools regarding inclement weather days.

Fees and Tuition

Check out our Linktree here for links to our variety of payment forms.  
Three Days a Week:
•    Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $75    
•    Monthly Tuition (due on or before the 5th of each month)
o    3 days/week-$250 
o    Based on 9 months of school.
•    $45 Supply/Building Fee (due September 1 and February 1).
Two Days a Week:
•    Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $60  
•    Monthly Tuition (due on or before the 5th of each month)
o   2 days/week-$175   
o   Based on 9 months of school.
•    $40 Supply/Building Fee (due September 1 and February 1).

Daily Schedule & Routine

Opening -Fun Morning Song, Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.
Circle Time -introducing and learning letters (phonics)/ numbers (counting), reviewing the days of the week and months of the year, and story time or show and tell specific to that week's lesson plan
Snack Time -provided by the Star Student of the week.
Centers -Home Living (dramatic play), Puzzles (logic), Manipulative (blocks),
Art/Writing, Science/Nature, Library (books).
Breakaway-Monday: Bible Story, Wednesday: Music, Friday: Games/Movement-all with the Music Teacher
Recess -When weather permits, we have a secured outdoor playground, or appropriate toys and activities in the gym.
Lunch -brought from home, containing a protein, vegetable and fruit, along with a NON-sugary drink.
Lunches should be ready to eat (not needed to be cut, heated or drained).
Food allergy regulations are based on individual class issues.
Nap -State requires that children rest 1-2 hours, on a 2" mat.
Sheets and blankets are provided by the school.